BNP AM resigns the whip at the London Assembly

Late last Friday afternoon, we were informed by officers that BNP Assembly Member, Richard Barnbrook was resigning the whip at the London Assembly. It also stated that he will now sit as an independent member on the London Assembly while he has not resigned from the the BNP Party.

As per usual we are seeing the BNP self-destruct when gaining public office. In his case he was the organiser in the last local elections in Barking & Dagenham which they lost 51 to nil. So much for his organising abilities.  

And quite what he means about resigning from the whip when he is the only member of the BNP on the London Assembly probably reflects badly on his intelligence. This is also probably linked to leadership challenges within the BNP. The party is clearly unravelling and we are seeing the first signs of this in London.

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