Birds of a feather in Central London

Parakeets taking the high ground while pigeons back down

In recent times it has become not unusual to see seagulls and parakeets in the sky’s of Central London feeding off the goodies available.

In Hyde Park when people offer bird food, more often then not you’ll see parakeets taking up the offerings while pigeons give up ground to them. While in the street market of Westminster, we have seagulls looking for the fish cuttings from fishmongers stalls. It also appears both the seagulls and parakeets are permanently here to stay as you see them throughout the year at these stops for them in Central London. So they are clearly not just migrating birds but ones that have adapted to the urban landscape and clearly there are more rich pickings here in the City.

So when l hear seagulls screeching in the morning near my home, l wonder to myself whether we should start calling them city gulls instead! And now that parakeets seems to have top spot amongst the birds in the Royal parks, maybe we should start acknowledging how these birds have adapted around human life in the urban settings of Central London. 

And l am sure we have other types of birds adapting to our urban surroundings in Greater London.

seagulls looking for fish cutting in local street markets

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