“Brown flight” in England & Wales @Census2021


With the ethnic make up results of the Census in 2021 now available, we can now look at the figures for the size of the Bangladeshi community in England & Wales.

The Bangladeshi community stands at 622,000 in 2021, that is 0.3 per cent bigger as a share of national population in 2011 moving from 0.8 to 1.1 per cent. In 2011 its stood at 475,000 in total.

Geographically over 50 per cent live in Greater London, that is 322,052 in Greater London with over 100,000 in Tower Hamlets and over 50,000 in Newham.   

One of the notable trends is the growing community of Bangladeshis who have now moved to East London boroughs like Newham, Redbridge and Barking & Dagenham since 2011 census from Tower Hamlets. Suggesting a similar flight to Essex by previous generations of immigrates except that the community appears to have grown in Tower Hamlets as well by some 20 per cent! 

This latter influx of Bangladeshis from aboard also appear not to have come from the Bangladeshi itself from mainland Europe and countries like Italy. Maybe there were trying to beat the Brexit closer of the UK? This is probably worthy of study itself! 


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