‘Bad air day’ moves Londoners closer to a £300m fine

The Marylebone Road air pollution monitoring station this morning reported 36 breaches of legal air quality limits. The maximum number of breaches permitted for each monitoring station for the full year is 35. 

Just last month the European Commission in Brussels gave the UK a temporary reprieve until 11 June this year to give the Mayor of London time bring down levels of the dangerous PM10 pollutants to a safe standard.

Today’s breach could prompt the Commission to instigate legal proceedings in the European Court of Justice, fast tracking the UK to stage three of a six-stage process leading to the fine.  And under the government’s Localism Bill, the £300 million fine would be passed to London taxpayers.

Labour London Assembly Member Murad Qureshi said: "London’s air quality is responsible for over 4,000 premature deaths each year.  We were given a temporary reprieve by the EU but Boris has done little to comply and avoid this fine which Londoners simply cannot afford. 

“The Mayor’s tactic has been to blame European air blowing over to the UK, but what about the polluted air which blows over to Europe from the UK?  Londoners are facing a catastrophe both financially and in terms of their health, Boris needs to stop the blame game and take control of this rapidly deteriorating situation”



The exceedance is recorded on the London Air Quality Network website


Murad Qureshi is a London-wide Assembly Member and is Vice Chair of the Assembly’s Environment Committee

Murad questioned the Mayor about the fine and stressed the urgency of taking measures to avoid the EU fine at Mayor’s Question Time last year in June.

For further information please contact Murad Qureshi on 07795616821

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