Ashes to Ashes: No thanks to the IOC


Sadly England wont be able to replicate this at home in 2012

Amidst all the celebrating of an outstanding Ashes victory down under, some of us have already cast our mind to the next Ashes series in England. Normally this would be two summers on and I suspect, with all the excitement of the Olympics, a number of people have not realised that the next series should be held in England during the summer of 2012.
Due to the Olympics that year in London, this (very unfortunately) will not be the case.   This loss demonstrates perfectly what is often a forgotten consequence of complying with the IOC’s insistence that no other sporting events are hosted during the Olympic games itself.   Therefore, sport buffs, other than avid Olympic fans will lose out.  In this instance it’s cricket that has bourne the brunt, as almost all its cricket season that summer will be decimated.
There is no doubt that the highlight of that season would have been the Ashes series, and therefore this is a major blow for cricket lovers to endure in the summer of 2012.   (I’ve no doubt that many members at Lords would rather a Test match against the Aussies then the archery at the London Olympics in 2012! ) Such a huge loss to bear so even more the reason to ensure that the Olympics is a resounding success.

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