Arab revolutionaries helping the Mayor out


Arab Revolutionaries during Murad's recent trip to Tunisia - unwittingly helping out the Mayor of London

Despite the fare increases at the beginning of the year and service levels clearly not improving, one would be surprised to learn that passenger levels on London’s Transport and general travel into London have increased to new peaks.  What could possibly explain this turn of events for the Mayor?
Quite simply it must be down to oil prices, which continue to spike in response to the many Arab revolts against their dictators in North Africa and the Middle East.  Although public transport is itself dependent on the price of a gallon of petrol, the price of tanking up ones car is probably the biggest deterrent for car drivers now choosing to opt for public transport.

As long as the turmoil continues in the Middle East, the Mayor of London will reap the benefits and the Arab revolutionaries continue to unwittingly help the Mayor out in his last year before the Mayoral contest in May 2012.

The biggest losers continue to be the poor travelling public who under the current administration look set to continue paying through the nose for a service bursting at the seams.

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