Arab jihadists interested in Sylhet?

Siege in Sylhet, Bangladesh by their army against Islamist militants.

I woke up yesterday shocked to hear on Radio 4 about the Jihadi cell in Sylhet ( its my family ancestral home ) and the siege on Bangladesh Independence Day. Six have been killed and 50 Injured In Twin Blasts with an Anti-Terror Operation under way. 

After hearing the details l was left thinking why would ISIS or All-Qaeda be at all interested in Sylhet, Bangladesh?  As we can not say that the plains of Bengal are part of where the “last days” are meant to happen. So this must be the fantasy of some jumped Bengali jihadists! After all not even the Pakistani Army was able to take Shah jalal mosque in Sylhet during the liberation of Bangladesh. 

More seriously is the possibility that there maybe a London connection to these attacks and all these other possible links above are just a cover for this. Naturally that is more alarming, so l will be keep an eye on Bengali TV and news outlets for further information of who’s actually behind these attacks. So watch this space on these developments in the investigation. 

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