Alarmist coverage won’t do over #COVID19

After watching the above Channel 4 clip a few nights ago, l was alarmed at the prospect of #coronavirus reaching Bangladesh. Particularly in a year when the Asian Development Bank anticipated that Bangladesh would grow its GDP by 8 per cent during 2020, there was high expectation that the country would be moving on from the days of the 1974 famine in the newly liberated country. 

But its transpires that the UN source of this concern, was based on the worst case scenario of the Bangladesh government not doing anything to stern the spread. Indeed if you look at the press release below, the UN are supportive of the measures being taken by the government in Dhaka. So it does make you wonder what the whole of the document actually said. 

So can l urge Channel 4 News not to be so alarmists with their stories. It is difficult enough with coronavirus issue dominating the headlines to have stories that do not quite give the whole picture.  



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