Air pollution now a General Election issue

Yesterday there was an astonishing admission from Andrea Leadsom MP on the floor of the Commons about delaying DEFRA’s application of its NO2 plan, something many had been waiting several years for now including the EU. 

Ministers are now also accused of bullying judges over delay to toxic air curbs. So we have the government of the day delaying putting a plan into place that legal action had been taken against them and won twice before. It was finally meant to have been lodged with the Supreme Court on monday but the government appealed for postponement till after the election itself when these plans should have been in place in 2010! 

Since 2010 our knowledge of air pollution adverse impact to our lives in our cities particularly the young, old and sick has increased substantially. The governments lack of action and abandonment of their responsibilities had now made sure it has become a major issue in the General Election 2017. Seven year delay in responding to the requirements of having a NO2 plan is not good enough. By not getting on with the business of government, it will now become a General Election issue, thats for sure. 




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