999 services “devastated” in Westminster

The Mayor is accused of holding “˜sham consultations’ across London for his draft Police and Crime Plan. The Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime Stephen Greenhalgh will be attending the consultation in Westminster tonight but as yet the Mayor has not attended any of the consultation sessions.

Across London, 999 services are being threatened:


The London Fire Brigade’s budget has been cut by the Mayor and government by £45 million for the next two years. Boris Johnson wants to close 12 fire stations, lose 18 fire appliances and axe 520 firefighter posts

London Ambulance Service is currently being cut by £53 million (19%) of it’s budget by 2015/16, resulting in 890 job cuts, of which 560 will be frontline jobs

The Metropolitan Police have already lost 2,147 police officers and 1,682 PCSOs since May 2010. The Mayor has earmarked 65 police stations and front-counters for closure. The Met’s own Chief Financial Operating Officer has labelled the Met’s Budget for the coming year as ‘very risky’

NHS London delivered efficiency savings of around £1 billion in 2011/12 and is committed to further savings of £600 million in 2012/13 and £500 million in 2013/14. Eight

A&Es are due to be closed across London

Murad Qureshi is a Labour Londonwide Assembly Member

The Metropolitan Police’s Chief Financial Operating Officer spoke at the London Assembly Budget and Performance Committee, 9th January 2013.


"I’m concerned that cuts to frontline services in Westminster will place immense pressure on an already stretched ambulance service. The government and the Mayor are cutting too far, too fast and these cuts will inevitably endanger families and communities across the capital.

"The Mayor can’t give a straight answer about the affect on the London Ambulance Service of his proposed cuts, particularly with the proposed closure of eight A&Es across London. Under current plans, with London’s population both growing and ageing, the London Ambulance Service which operates across London is set to bear the brunt."




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