24,000 London homes at risk from flooding

Flooding along the Chiswick enbankment

Flooding along the Thames in London

Last week we heard at the Environment Committee of the London Assembly that the Environment Agency has identified 24,000 homes through Greater London at risk of flooding. Flood prevention plans cover 10,000 subject to funding of £100 million being found over 10 years. Half of this might come come from central government grants. However this leaves 14,000 homes would still remain as a significant risk even if the proposed schemes can be fully implemented.

At the meeting AMs were reassured that measures in place like the Thames Barrier, will continue to protect the tidal floodplain which covers large parts of central London for at least the next 20 years. We were also told progress has been made to reduce the risk of flooding from extreme rainfall.

So it appears the recent freaky weather has been factored into flood prevention planning but this will be little comfort to those who will and have been affected by floods with a very rainy weekend ahead for London.




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