Building a Common Ground for the Co-op Party in London

It was great meeting up with the many colleagues across London involved with the Co-op Party at the London Regional Conference at the Abbey Centre, SW1 including the Chair himself, Ian Adderley. 

I made my contribution on a number of matters in the London context. Firstly the case of work place charging in Central London during the morning session on Transport That Leaves No One Behind as a means of subsidies all the initiatives want and demand.  In the Crime & Policing of London session – a safer London for Everyone, the need for root and branch reform of the Met after all misogyny revealed in recent times ; the political corruption; homophobic investigations; and of course institutionalised racism we find within the Met.

And finally the need to replace both Business Rates and Council Taxes with Land Valuation Taxes  to stop the inequalities in land and property in the UK particularly between ordinary council tax players and oligarch paying a pittance for luxury housing in London. Not surprising as Vice-Chair of the Labour Land Campaign! 

I trust some of these contributions, may make their way to the Co-op Party in London’s Building Common Ground Manifesto. 

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