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Another pub bits the dust in my neighbourhood as its converted into residential

Closing time for pubs in Westminster?

Pubs in Westminster have had a tough time of it for a while now and it seems that almost every edition of the West End Extra comes with a story…

Dishing Daesh

Reading Simon Jenkin’s agreable polemic piece in the ES suggests we are dancing to the terrorism tune, but l still felt we are using the wrong language for them, as…


…I was always a Steve Ovett man

  If you watched British athletics in the early 1980’s, you were either a Seb Coe or Steve Ovett man when it came to middle distance running. I can see…


Paddington skyline needs sorting

As Simon Jenkins witters on about tall buildings in London generally like the Renzo Piano proposal for Paddington spare a thought for long suffering local folk around the Marylebone flyover….


A matter of religious duty?

The Middle East, despite being one of the worst culprits of CO2 emissions, contributes little in the fight against climate change. So it was welcome news to hear in September…