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Noisy neighbours at Winfield House

President Obama was not just making a noise over whether we should stay in the EU or not but quite literately over Marylebone & St Johns Wood with his helicopters,…


Soho Square Cross rail 2 station, at least

Last week’s AGM of the Soho Society was meant to be a consultation for Crossrail 2 works under Soho. It turned out to be a much more contention affair as…


Ex-council properties owned by off-shore companies

Investigations into off-shore company ownership of properties in Church St Ward, City of Westminster reveal very surprisingly that they have been buying up ex-Right to Buy (RtB)¬†properties in council blocks….

Is the Mayor back-tracking on money-laundering?

With the revelations of the #panamapapers, whats the Mayor of London, got to say about money-laundering in London?¬† Well you can see from the video link above his verbal response…

Mayor must tackle tube noise before 24 hour tube service

At Mayors Question Time (MQT) on the 17th of June last year, so shown above l got the following response from the Mayor when l raised concerns about tube noise…